Hej, my name is Anni.

I'm 28 years young and live in Berlin since 2009 (originally I'm from Dresden).  I've studied fashion-and design management in Berlin - that's how I got in contact with fashionblogs and decided to start my own one some day. During my studies I had the chance to work for different national and international fashion brands, which I really enjoyed and allowed me to get interesting insights in the world of online marketing. Anyways, I got my bachelor-degree and wanted to continue studying. In October 2013 I started to study marketing communications - which was totally my thing. Besides fashion, I'm actually a big interior-lover and think diy's are the best to meditate, meaning my blog isn't online about outfits & nice clothing. There is also a bunch of interior-love, beauty, diy's and stuff I just simply like. 
And now? I'm working as a Social Media Manager & my blog is my hobby.

But Why Denmark and my Love for Scandinavia?
I did an internship in Copenhagen in 2010 and fell in love with this city! I can't really explain – city, architecture, interior, fashion, people, feeling.. it's just everything which I adore! I've been to Denmark, especially Copenhagen quite a lot, as well as Sweden. Finnland & Norway are still on my wishlist.

Most important features of my life ...
Interior, fashion (love scandinavian design), do-it-yourself (creating is fun),
music (a wild mix of everything), food (everything yummy),  Internet (I'm a total addict), my girls (girls nights are the best), my boyfriend, my family, my friends

In the future ...
I wanna live in Copenhagen (best place ever) and be happy.

Random facts about me ...

sometimes talk a little to loud
laugh a lot
don´t like bright red (except on nails and lips)
like coffee
would not be me without my iphone
love watching series, like New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Greys Anatomy ...
did a High School Year in the US for 10 months when I was 16
i use a lot of english phrases when I talk German

If you have any more questions, just contact me!


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  2. Sehr cooler Blog! Die DIY Posts sind echt klasse und inspirierend!
    Ansonsten sind mir ein paar kleine Fehler aufgefallen..nur für den Fall, dass es dich interessiert: "since for years", "talk too loud", "flys"

  3. Hallo Anni, ein wirklich schöner Blog. Vorallem weil ich ebenso seit ich ein Jahr in Schweden "Strategisches Marketing und Design studiert habe, bin ich total verliebt bin in skandinavisches Design. Alles liebe aus Österreich! Doris

    1. Hej Doris, danke Dir! Klingt auch nach einem wirklich interessanten Studiengang! Cool :)

  4. Wirklich bildhübsch - dein Blog und du.

    Deine Leidenschaft macht mich selbst neugierig auf Dänemark. Ich habe noch nicht so viel davon gehört, aber jetzt erscheint es mir als ein schönes Urlaubsziel.

    Liebe Grüße
    Yeliz vom http://freiheitssuchender.blogspot.de/

    1. Lieben Dank Yeliz!
      Es wird mit Sicherheit noch einige Dänemark-Impressionen hier auf Bildhübsch geben :)


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